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Gloria Hines, CPM

Gloria has been a Certified Professional Midwife since March 2021 and has been doing birth work since March 2017. She has attended over 350 births and is committed to continuing her education in every available moment. She believes life is sacred and a midwife’s job is to recognize and uphold the space for life to flow the way it is designed to. She believes that birth is normal and designed by the Lord, and the closer we get to the way He created it to be the safer it is. She cultivates peace and trust for her clients and their families to find the fullness of joy in the process.

I came to midwifery for a variety of reasons, I knew that I wanted to see the family transform from the inside out, and to truly care for a woman – body soul, and spirit. I knew that if I was able to support her well without being in her way, she would know herself and her creator more innately. She would trust her instinct and go into motherhood confident, trusting, and bonded to her family. This is my goal for the clients that come to Glory Birth. Gloria is partnered with Rebekah Hoover, one of her best friends, to practice what they preach and live sustainable midwifery.