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Considering switching to Homebirth due to COVID-19?

The Kansas City Midwives are happy to accommodate late transfers to care due to COVID-19. Please read through this statement prior to your scheduled consultation to help you determine if homebirth is a good option for you.

  • We are willing to consider taking clients no later than 37 weeks for first time moms and primary VBACS and no later 39 weeks for moms who have had a previous vaginal birth.
  • Please have your records readily available to give your midwife upon establishment of care. 
  • Homebirth is appropriate for low risk women. Gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and other conditions may indicate a hospital birth be more appropriate for your situation. 
  • We do not have the ability to administer an epidural, vacuum, forceps or perform a Cesarean section at home. 
  • Midwives expect the process of labor and birth to unfold smoothly but we are educated in prevention and treatment of complications. Statistically, fewer complications and unnecessary medical interventions occur in the home. 
  • Please understand that we cannot control the outcome of your birth or your satisfaction with homebirth. We understand this may not have been your first choice of where you give birth but will serve you to the best of our ability. 
  • Insurance coverage for homebirth varies greatly depending on which insurance company and policy you have. 
  • To find out the client load and availability of each midwife you will need to contact them individually. 

Thank you for inquiring and we hope all the best for your birth experience!

The Kansas City Midwives