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Rachel Schwepler, CPM

Rachel started serving women out of her true passion to empower women.
To bring strength and dignity back to birth.

Ten years later, she has had the sheer honor to serve women and their families at just over 300 births. She served as doula, birth assistant, student midwife, and now midwife as of April 2019. She is forever grateful for every God given opportunity.

She certified as a doula in 2009 with DONA international. She became a childbirth educator in 2009 with ACBE (Academy of Childbirth Educators).

She certified as a professional midwife, finishing in 2019 with NARM (North America Registry of Midwives) apprenticing under Debbie Perry, CPM. She holds current CPR and NRP certifications.

She has been married for 21 years and has 5 children of her own, ranging from age 17 down to 7. She loves them dearly. She is grateful for freedom to birth each of them completely as she desired and she passionately wants the same for you.